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At CIC it’s all about you.

We take the time to listen to you; your desires, your concerns, what you really need from a massage.

During your session, we use an integrative approach, using the techniques that will work best for you, applied with attention, caring, and a dash of humor.

Whether you need a light touch Swedish massage, or deep therapeutic work, we will work to find the right touch for you.


Mission Statement

  • Provide attentive, quality, caring therapeutic and medical massage to our clients.
  • Promote self-care techniques for strength, flexibility, and stress management to prevent future injury and pain
  • Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards for our industry
  • Promote a spirit of respect and co-operation between the massage industry and other health care professionals

The Colorado Injury Care Team


John Larkin 720-331-8446

John Larkin w/SherryI have been active in the Denver massage community for over eighteen years from spa work to injury rehabilitation. My educations started in the Free University system and then to the first class of the Cottonwood School of Massage (now Cortiva).  Most recently I completed an Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy from High Tech Institute (Cambridge College) where I was Massage Therapy Program Manager.

The formal world of education wasn’t for me so now I am back in the business world.

My approach to massage is twofold.  First the body will hold your activities mental, spiritual and physical as aches and pains which a good deep massage can help.  Second when you add intention to solve specific areas of your life, massage can put you on an express train to success.

As Sherry pursued a more tried and true medical approach, I was learning an esoteric yet medical approach to injury recovery called Neural Integrative Technique.  This simple technique allows quicker recovery time and work on the ‘root’ of an injury.

I also recorded and finally released a guided visualization CD, available on CDBaby.com that lets you extend your massage experience through mental exercises.  For more information follow this link:  http://cdbaby.com/cd/larkinjohn

So whether you need deep painful work to get a shoulder moving correctly or just want to relax, treat yourself to my work.  Life will be better afterwards.

Sherry Larkin 720-291-1938

Sherry LarkinI graduated from the Center for Advanced Therapeutics in 1997, and now have over fifteen years experience as a medical and therapeutic massage therapist, and more than 500 hours of additional training in orthopedic testing, evaluation and treatment for specific injuries and chronic pain.

I love working with clients to unravel the postural patterns that are holding their pain in place. After twelve years, I am still amazed at how differently each client responds to massage, and it is still an adventure to work with each new person, to find what works best for them. I firmly believe that free movement is the key to most chronic pain conditions, and I use a lot of specific techniques, including Muscle Release Technique , therapeutic exercise, myofacial release/deep tissue, and manual therapies to restore your body to its fullest possible range of motion.

Apple Koo 303-269-1044

     I was originally drawn to massage because of its ability to allow me to make a difference in people’s lives, not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual and emotional level as well. I enjoy the feeling of knowing that I’ve made a positive impact on someone else’s life.
     I received my massage certification from American International Vocational College in Monterey Park, CA where I was trained in both Eastern and Western massage and bodywork techniques. I am a Colorado licensed massage therapist and a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).
     Depending on the needs of the client, my massage sessions typically incorporate several massage modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, and Asian bodywork. My goal is to provide each of my clients with an individualized massage experience that is both relaxing and therapeutic.
     In my spare time, I enjoy playing pickleball, bowling, reading and practicing Chinese calligraphy.

Apple is available at the DTC location. Book with her online at www.coloradoinjurycare.com.

Michael Dobat (719) 429-0148

Michael grew up in West Germany, always sports minded, athletic, studied languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, music). He trained as a medic in the German Army and learned the tile trade in Germany. He has been living in Colorado since 1990. After being involved in a rear end collision in 2011 resulting in severe whiplash syndrome and a left shoulder rotator cuff injury, he learned of the benefits of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and last, but not least, massage therapy, with the latter making the most difference in getting back to normal, a life without pain and more normal range of motion. The experience of many therapeutic massages and the healing effect of deep tissue and neuromuscular work created in Michael the desire to become a massage therapist himself and pass the benefits of medical massage therapy on to people who, like him, need improvement in servicing their body. Have you given your body and oil change recently?License #19330

Anthony Waynick (720) 289-1093

Hi, I’m Anthony and I am 26 years young. I am a native to Colorado and find this state to be very unique.
  Since I was young I have always had a passion for animals, plants, meditation, and science. Recently, due to a series of events, I discovered a deep interest in the healing arts, thus leading me to massage therapy. I could meld my passions for meditation and science into the art of massage therapy.
   What made me believe in massage therapy was that it worked for me. For almost a decade I was plagued with pain all over my body due to overdoing my workouts. This created many tight muscles in my body which caused me a great deal of distraction from work that I needed to get done. I finally decided to get a massage, and long story short, if made me feel amazing. From there on I learned to massage myself, and even my dog, ha ha. My belief in the benefits of massage grew stronger every day, which ultimately led me to being a student at MMI, and why I am writing this now. My passion is to heal people, or at the very least, help people heal themselves. License #19825

Dan Mundell 720-331-9697

Dan MundellI received my certification from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
in 2005. I immediately began the study of Zero Balancing therapy, receiving
certification in 2011 from the Zero Balancing Health Association. I have studied
other modalities–primarily structural integration and acupressure–in courses as
short as 4-day weekends and long as 15 months. I have practiced continuously in
the Denver area for seven years.
My skills range from light Swedish to deep structural work. However my
practice and preference has steadily evolved toward the more energetic approach of
Zero Balancing. Thorough information is available at the ZBHA website, but my
brief characterization is this: The structural/energetic ratio in body tissue and bone
exists in varying degrees of balance. By discovering areas and points of imbalance
in that ratio, the skilled practitioner can introduce a subtle touch or traction,
specific in terms of pressure, tension and torque, that invites an organic response in
the body of the receiver. That response will be toward a natural, stronger and
clearer energetic field in that area the body, resulting in release of tension and more
balanced energetic flow. The body tends to “learn” the technique for “itself” and
the benefits are cumulative over time.
This approach has increasingly defined my practice. I provide stand-alone
Zero Balancing sessions that follow the specific protocol prescribed by the Zero
Balancing Health Association. I can also whip out an elbow and “go deep” as
you please. Alternately, I can give you a two-hour Swedish massage to die
for. Most typically I incorporate a variety of techniques as necessary. I would liken
myself to a carpenter with many tools in my belt, with preference for a chosen few.


Our Integrative techniques include:

*Swedish *neuromuscular therapy *trigger point therapy *deep tissue/sports * Neuromuscular re-education * therapeutic exercise *manual therapy *Myosequence * MRTsm * Neurointegrative technique * Reiki *

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John: 720-331-8446

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